Whether you’re new to this whole "church thing" or been a Christian for a long time, the DP should work well for you. We strive hard around here to not be overly "churchy" yet keep the message of Jesus front and center at the same time.

We have one simple vision which is "Help people take one step closer to Jesus". That's it! How do we do this? Through these 4 things:

SERVE  We have a place for everyone to jump in and be a part of the team!

GIVE   Time, resources, talent. We all have something to offer. 

INVITE   If you dig what's happening here, let someone in on it. 

CONNECT   Small Groups, serving teams, adult leaders. We're family!

You'll also experience stuff like camps, retreats, mission trips,

large and small group events, as well as ways to serve our own community.

It's tough to describe everything that happens here in words,

so maybe just check it out on your own and bring a few friends with ya.