We're beyond excited to reopen the DP for Sunday services.

Keep in mind that things will look a bit different for now, but not forever. Here's some things to know before showing up.

1. Masks

Masks will still be mandatory as they are in other Florida operations. No one likes them, neither do we, but it’s a great way to ensure the safety of our guests. We will have extras in our lobby to hand out should someone forget theirs. 


2. Game and Recreation areas

Our game and lounge areas have been partially reopened, so get there a little early each week to have some

pre-service fun. 


3. Seating

Seating is spaced out to ensure we are in line with CDC recommendations.  


4. Will there be small groups?

No, at least not in the designated small group rooms. In time, when we feel led to implement small groups again, they will be on separate ends of the court, with spaced seating. We will eventually return to small group rooms but only when we’re absolutely cleared to do so.


5. Live stream

As in the adult service, we will livestream our services via our DP Youtube page. You can watch live or later at any time by searching DP Student Ministries. 


6. Service Time

Based on our survey, 90% of you prefer a 9:30am service. This one service is open to all middle and high schoolers. It’s not ideal in our opinion, but due to what will be smaller attendance numbers, it’s best to combine them during this time. Again, I suggest getting them there early since we will offer some fun elements at the start of our services. 


7. Dismissal

We will dismiss students by sections to avoid close gathering (as kids love to do). They will be directed to exit the building immediately where they are free to gather and talk outside. For now, parents will be asked to wait outside the DP for students to exit. 

* we will make rainy day exceptions when needed.


8. What about Open Door on Wednesday nights?

No way! At least right now. It’s our favorite night of the week, but it’s simply a time where kids share basketballs, video games, couches and hugs. Trust us, as soon as we see if’s safe to do so, it’ll be back!

For any other questions, please email Earl at